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Thank you for signing up for a free website with us.  Welcome to The Dead Outlaws MC. We are a serious role-play motorcycle crew in the world of Los Santos. You need to follow your higher's orders and make your way to the top by increasing your reputation within the crew. Once you join us there's no going back, You're with us till the end.

Information on TDMC

We are based on PS3 and PS4, but Xbox are welcome too. We take it very seriously and we play regularly.  But above all have fun, because whats the point if you don't enjoy it, but you will if you like RP. If you LOVE RP, then this is the crew for you.

How We Work

We are The Dead Outlaws MC, We are a serious roleplaying crew in GTA 5: Online. We roleplay as bikers, Which means we wear leather, Ride bikes and bring fear to the citizens. Once you're in the crew, members higher than you will give you work, Completing work will give you a higher reputation and you will be ranked up. (Read Forums for more information.)

A Quick Note on How to do Jobs:

When you're a new members of the crew you will get a set of starter jobs to complete so the President can judge how good you are, To complete the jobs you will need to take in-game pictures of each step you do, Then you need to head to 'imgur.com' and sign up for an account, That's where you make a journal. (Read Forums for more information.)

Forums (Where Everything Happens)

The forums tab is where everything goes on. This is the centre of crew activity, information and timelines for The Dead Outlaws MC. Here, you will find crew information, RP rules, RP journal hand in page, RP jobs, announcements and much more essential crew info and news. Press this to go straight to the Forums page.

Where Everything Goes On
Johnny "Judge" Dixon
Information and Rules (MUST READ)
This is the page you MUST read upon joining the TDMC.
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Jimmy "Lich" Grey
Jobs & Journals Hand in Page
This is the place you post your journals of the RP jobs you do for TDMC. And also view RP jobs list.
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Johnny "Judge" Dixon
General Discussion (Ask any Q's here)
Talk about anything here!
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Adam "Nan" Howard
News & Announcements
Important topics will be posted here
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