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TDMC Official Crew Info

This is where you can see what our crew's signature weapons are, bikes, crew colours, territories, everything about our crew is here, and its all essential to RP in GTA 5.

Crew Weapons, & How Weapons Work

So, in this crew when you are RP'ing, you should use the crew's signature 'Biker'  weapons. More signature weapons can be unlocked if players complete heist jobs, were they steal guns from shipping containers or gang attacks etc. But if you are going to do this, remember we have a storage lockup, and if the lockup becomes full (5 slots) then no more weapons, drugs, jewellery can be stored. The weapons you can use in RP at the moment are:

  • Pistol (1st Pistol)
  • Micro SMG
  • Assault Rifle (AK-47)
  • Sniper Rifle (NOT heavy sniper)
  • Sawn-Off Shotgun
Also, all melee weapons are available to use in RP, but our signature ones are:

  • Baseball Bat
  • Knife
  • Bottle (if its a bar fight) 
It is preferred you use these^ when using melee weapons.

Crew Colours & Outfits

Now, all biker gangs wear leather jackets. It is the symbol of a biker gang, ten wicked members riding down a long road in leather jackets, on custom hogs. You may wear whatever colour leather jacket you want. Also, you may wear T shirts and Tank Tops. This is so we do not all look the same, but i am aware many will prefer to wear Leather jackets and that is fine. You must brandish your leather jacket, T shirt of tank top with our emblem, so that all of Los Santos and Blaine County can see our brotherhood.

Crew Colours:
Crew Colours are used on bikes, nothing else. You do not need to wear black and red clothes. The signature bike design (which i would like all the crew to have) is Black & Red.     The signature  design of the bike should be MATTE BLACK with RED WHEELS. This is how we will be separated from all other MC's, with our colours. Think about it, ten members riding with each other in formation, all on black and red bikes. It would look great...


There is no signature bike. Any CHOPPER (or dirt bike) can be used. When i say chopper, by the way, I mean:

  • Daemon 
  • Bagger
  • Hexer
These^ would all be preferred, but you may use a Sanchez (dirt bike) if you would like. But still you must get it in crew colours, so no Sanchez with livery.

Hangouts and Territories

Currently, we start with two hangouts, one in Grand Senora Desert (Blaine County) and one in Strawberry. (Los Santos):

Los Santos Hangout, Hayes Autos:

This area and hangout is maintained by Clay 'Gunner' Scott, the Vice President of Los Santos (LS). It is complete with electric doors at both sides, and plenty of places to park your bikes.

Blaine County Hangout, Yellow Jack Bar:

Good memories. The BC Vice President owns the bar (Me), so only loyal customers and TDMC can drink here. If anyone gets on our nerves? we throw them the fuck out...

This area and hangout is maintained by The Blaine County (BC) Vice President (Me).

'Round the back is where we park the bikes, private parking. If the smell is too strong of piss and beer in the bar, come out for some fresh air round back, and compare bikes, chat etc. Or for more entertainment, you could head back inside the bar for a game of darts.

As a TDMC, you are expected to know where these hangouts are. 

Territories are also a big part of the crew, doing journals in territories gradually unlocks new territories for us. You should go and look at them, titled "Territories (3rd READ) now you have read this page. Remember, respect the man that has seen the dark side of motorcycling. And lived...

Signature Picture

"Respect the person who has seen the dark side of motorcycling and lived."

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