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25th Aug 2014

Rules For The Dead Outlaws MC

1. Respect your brothers. NEVER kill your own MC members.

2. You must own a chopper (bike) although dirt bikes are also accepted, but choppers are preferred.

3. You must own a leather jacket of some sort.

4. You must complete RP jobs to earn a reputation in TDMC. This will be noticed by the president and determines your rank in the crew. Do jobs and you get promoted. Don't, and you stay a member. Bare in mind, you get privileges as a higher rank.

5. Make an account on This is used to make journals of RP jobs you do for us. To make a journal you:

       -Take pictures on GTA using snapmatic.

       -Get the pictured from the Rockstar Social Club.

       -On Imgur, make an album with a description for each picture, describing what is           happening in each pic.

       -This will form a kind of 'list' of pictures. This is a journal. Post journals at the "Hand journals in here..." page.

These rules are not complete, and will be updated as the crew develops. But for now, respect these commandments.

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"Respect the person who has seen the dark side of motorcycling and lived."

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Forum » Where Everything Goes On » Information and Rules (MUST READ)
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