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Available Jobs for TDMC

This is the page where you can view what jobs are available for you to complete and make journals on in GTA V. These jobs determine your rank in the crew, and if you don't do jobs, you won't rank up. To create a journal and to post your job to this site, all you do is:
  • Take pictures using snapmatic in GTA V.
  • Save them to your computer from the social club.
  • Create an album on  containing these pictures in order of event (time order). 
  • Once you have completed your job journal, simply post the journal in the form of a reply in the " Hand Journals in Here" page. The list of jobs here will be constantly updated.

Jobs usually involve car theft, drug dealing, smuggling, murder, etc. Basically any crime, so enjoy...
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"Respect the person who has seen the dark side of motorcycling and lived."

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Forum » Where Everything Goes On » Jobs & Journals Hand in Page
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