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Blaine County Vice President

You have reached the rank of Blaine County Vice President. You are now one of the President's main representatives for Blaine County and you have a close relationship with him. There is no higher rank thank this in an MC, unless the President is killed. You control, take care of, and maintain the Blaine County hangout, "Yellow Jack Inn" bar, located in the Grand Senora Desert, near the Sandy Shores Airfield and the Satellites Grid. Your name carries almost as much weight as the President. And if you're fucked with? Well, people just don't fuck with you. 

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Congratulations! You have reached the rank of "Captain". You can command a group of bikers to do a job with you. Your name carries weight, as do your words. You're a crazy MC, and you're not to be fucked with...

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Road Sargeant

You are now a Sargeant of the road. Your name and words carry some weight. You are the person a member asks for advice or help. You are not to be messed with, congratulations.

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You are now an official member of The Dead Outlaws MC, congratulations.

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