The Biography and Times of Jimmy "Lich" Grey
Jimmy "Lich" GreyRoad Sgt. 19th Sep 2014
     James Grey was born into a fine lineage, though he never knew his father except through reputation as being the former president of The Lost Motorcycle Club which ran out of Alderny in Liberty City.  That being said, he was welcomed with open arms by the Liberty Chapter as a legacy member. He grew up around tattoo shops and Hexers from a young age and felt the call of the biker scene almost as soon as he was old enough to understand what he was seeing around him.  When he was sixteen he was apprenticed in a tattoo parlor on the West end but his mother, having seen what the Life did to her late lover was having none of it. She quickly and frantically packed up Jimmy and fled for the furthest place from the LC that she knew of while still staying within the USA... Los Santos.  The sun and sea were a grand distraction at first, but then he met up with some of his old mates from the East Coast, Lost MC members who had decided to spread the message of Lost Forever, Forever Lost to the left side of the map.  Old habits and old friends were hard to shake, even if Mommy dearest dearly desired them departed and so, while always welcome amidst the Brothers of TLMC and sometimes even prone to ride with them, "Lich" joined with a new MC that was also recently from Liberty, The Dead Outlaws.  These men offered much to the now legal Jimmy, a job, a brotherhood, a family, and a purpose to life other than loose women and manufactured bathtub crank... He knew what he had to do.
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