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Hi and welcome to TDMC recruitment. Now, you must swear the oath, "to protect your brothers, at whatever cost." This crew is serious shit. We are a RP (Role playing) crew. you will be expected to create your own RP character. Complete with profile picture, RP name and rank in the crew (determined by superior members). When  accepted, you will become an associate, this means you aren't actually in our brotherhood yet, as we cannot trust you. But do jobs with your crew members (or on your own) and create Imgur journals, in the form of an album, and you'll shoot up the ranks faster than a 'crotch rocket' sports bike. To learn everything you need to know about the crew, read the welcome message and look at the forum page "Information and Rules". You'll find your way easy enough, but if you EVER have ay questions, just ask a superior member. Captain for example, or even the President or V. Presidents. After completing this recruitment form, and i have accepted your request to join us, you can immediately start doing RP jobs. You can choose from a list of 'easy' jobs from the Forum page 'Jobs and Journals'. Anyway i look forward to meeting you in Los Santos. By pressing accept you are agreeing to the oath:  "to protect your brothers, at whatever cost.". Do you agree?

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